Please have some patience. We're knitting you some socks. Have a cookie!

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we sell socks


This way, you will never have to
sort out your socks again

And you will never lose them

to the sockiemonster

Let's talk about our socks

They will stay together for life!

why not have a look

at our collection?

top-quality combed cotton
provides a comfortable fit

low elastane means

less sweaty feet!

We also sell woollen socks

with a great soft feeling

Because you have a button on your right sock,
you can attach them to each other.

ah, that's where the

name comes from!


The Collection

Fun lovin' criminal

95% combed cotton - 5% elastane

Still in his puberty, Spot enjoys the privilege of red dots. Where many young boys consider this pre-beard phase annoying and fear it would put off the ladies, for socks this is actually extremely attractive. Especially when  have such a regular pattern as young Spot.

Prijs: €7,50

Buy more than three and get
NL shipping for free!

Our Story

There is no standard answer to 'why men's buttons are on their right side', but the prevailing one dates back to the days of armour. On the left a man would hold his shield, and on the right his sword. This would make their stance slightly turned with the left forward. Now having the clothing close left over right - and thus having the buttons on the right - simply provided more protection. An additional advantage would be that for right-handed men, closing the buttons on the right would be easier. Women who set fashion in the Victorian Age used to be dressed by someone else, so the buttons needed to be on the right for the servant standing opposite.


Combining this beautiful history with the reality of disappearing socks, Button Right socks were developed. Before washing, the right sock is buttoned to the left sock. No longer is it necessary to recombine single socks, since they will have stuck together throughout the entire process of washing and drying!

Roelant Stegmann

Andreas Viruly

Sanne Fokkema


This Mr. Sock is currently living in Finland for his graduate studies in Machine Learning and Data Mining. He is the technical mastermind behind this whole operation, although he has no less of a designer's eye than the other two. He prefers an unique pair of socks with a colourful design to almost anything else – except perhaps multiple pairs such socks with quality wine, self-made food and a good read.


About two years ago, Mr. Sock started exploring the plethora of possibilities of attaching socks before washing. He came up with the idea of using regular buttons, and within a few weeks Button Right Socks was founded. Currently studying and living in London, Andreas is half way through his medical school, just as a back-up plan if the socks business would fail. He enjoys wearing garish socks and sees convincing the male world to wear pink socks as his main purpose in life.


After seven years as a strategy consultant for one of the top-tier firms, Mr. Sock decided to change his life drastically and try his luck as an entrepreneur. Button Right is one of Mr. Sock's multiple ventures, but without doubt the most colourful one. He favours socks with a thick horizontal stripe and bright colours. Mr. Sock lives in Amsterdam with his wife and young son.

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