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Isn't inspiration something strange? You don't get inspired by somebody telling you what to do, think, love or hate. You draw inspiration from the random things you see, hear, feel, sense, taste, or smell. You don't get inspired because you aim to do so, you just do. We can't let you feel, sense or taste stuff on this website and we don't want this to be the kind of page that all of a sudden blasts an unsurprising jingle from the poor quality speaker of your phone or laptop, so you'll have to do with some pictures ;-) Hope it works...
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Go Gold!

Ulysses at the stairs

Brian loves Cape Town!

Brooklyn Bridge - NYC

Charlie on a boat

Amsterdam Jordaan x Floyd

Desmond is Capetown

Chester is a Capetonian!

James likes girls

James likes to dress up

James loves Cape Town!

No parking here

Look at chester and look at this guy!

Beautiful girls at beautiful train station

Beautiful girls at beautiful train station

Desmond is Capetown

Desmond loves watching skaters

We love jumpsuits...

We really love jumpsuits...

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