High quality pure cotton shirt - blue - straight collar


Change will not come to your wardrobe if you wait. Just decide to look good. The perfect fit and high quality finishing of this style icon will make you look 'just right'

39 (Medium)
41 (Large)


  • Name: Barack
  • Type: High quality pure cotton shirt - blue - straight collar
  • Category: Shirts
  • Contains: 1 Shirt
  • Material: 100% high quality cotton
  • Color: Blue
  • Fit: Fitted


A well fitting shirt make any man look his best. Shirts by Button Right combine a smooth fit with a good finish.

High quality cotton and mother of pearl buttons ensure the shirt stays nice for a long time. The fabric is finely woven, so the shirt doesn't see through: t-shirt lines, nipples, back hair, all not sexy.

The shirts com in standard sizes 39 (Medium), 40, 41 (Large), and 42. Would you rather have a shirt exactly to your size? We understand. We'll soon offer this option on our website. For now will you just pop us an email if you're interested?



What to look for when shopping for shirts?

Evident are the fit and color; A turquoise shirt with short sleeves and too wide a collar doesn't really turn you into the Leonardo DiCaprio of the street. After wearing it for a day, the shirt needs to go into the laundry, so the quality of the cotton and the finishing need to be good enough to stay nice. 100% cotton, or you will sweat and stink. Fitted, but not so tight that you look like an Italian carabinieri (no it doesn't make you look slim, it makes you look like a sausage!)

Now all you need to do is pick a colour: Pick something neutral and you are at your best: Just Right