Button Right - Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, the fact that you are here is not a good sign... you either have a real reason for being here (in which case you might just pop us an email and we can help you) or you obviously have nothing better to do (in shich case you might just pop us an email and we'll find you something to do...)
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When does my order arrive?

Orders are send the next day from our packing center in the Netherlands. So if you're also in the Netherlands, it will probably be on your doorstep within 2-3 days. Shipping abroad? That can take a bit longer, really depends on the country and continent you're located. Send us a message when in doubt!

What is your return policy?

Of course we hope you like our products. But if you don't, please send us an e-mail at retour [@] buttonright.com . We will give you the address you can send it back to, and will use your feedback to improve our products. In short: free returning in the Netherlands within 30 days