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There is no standard answer to 'why men's buttons are on their right side', but the prevailing one dates back to the days of armour. On the left a man would hold his shield, and on the right his sword. This would make their stance slightly turned with the left forward. Now having the clothing close left over right - and thus having the buttons on the right - simply provided more protection. An additional advantage would be that for right-handed men, closing the buttons on the right would be easier. Women who set fashion in the Victorian Age used to be dressed by someone else, so the buttons needed to be on the right for the servant standing opposite.

Combining this beautiful history with the reality of disappearing socks, Button Right developed socks with a story. Unfortunately, you can't live off stories, so we added a lot of products. Now we will no longer only surprise you with surprising buttons, but also with surprisingly good products ;-)

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